Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Best Microwave Drawers for 2017

1. Dacor - MMD24 / MMD30

Models, both available at a solid stainless (no window) doorway or black glass finish.  These finishes are exclusive to Dacor, and all are priced at about $1,399-$1,549.   

2. Gaggeneau - MW420620

These units are virtually identical, the Thermador is a bit cleaner looking with a mostly black door.  The Bosch name is a bit more prominent in their unit.  The Gaggenau end will match their more modern looking line.  These are $1,259, $1,499, and $1,699 respectively. The two Thermador and Gaggenau carry two-year guarantees.

You can mount these models flush into the cabinet, therefore it is more attractive. 

A great match for the Much-improved Jenn-Air lineup, this really is a mid-priced version at $1,399.  This is the least expensive of these models with 2-year warranties.
3. Wolf MD24TES / MD30TES / MD30PES

Wolf offers three various versions,  one 24 and 2 30-inch versions. These fit their new wall oven offerings. They take a 2-year guarantee. 

Sharp actually has two unique styles they've kept for themselves.  They offer a handle variant in a 24-inch and concealed display in 24-inch or 30-inch.  New for 2017 is the black stainless edition.
Buying Strategies

As mentioned previously, there is not 1 drawer unit that will be "much better" than the others.  There's a cost difference of close to $1,000 in the least expensive Sharp to the priciest Wolf.
The drawer is a cleaner, however more expensive look compared to a normal microwave.  Without any differences, I would look at costs and the ability to mount the unit flush into the cabinet.
Jenn-Air, Bosch, and Wolf have package rebates worth considering when buying other products.  Otherwise, think about the Sharp.
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Best Affordable Panel Ready Refrigerators

Custom paneling a refrigerator is a great Design to get a new kitchen. 

Regrettably, the price tag could be $10,000 or more to get a Sub-Zero as well as other upscale brands.  You can, however, purchase a decent seeming paneled fridge to get a fraction. I will show you three strong options. 

But first let's look at the various styles of these types of refrigerators. 

Best Affordable Panel Ready Refrigerators

Fisher & Paykel is based out of New Zealand.  They were mostly known for their innovative double drawer dishwasher.  We offered the first few in the United States, and let's say they've improved considerably since then. 

However, they have a Whole suite of stylish and contemporary looking products.  Refrigeration has become their number two category with their stainless steel, bottom mount 33" broad grills and this new 36" paneled French door refrigerator. 

1. Fisher & Paykel RS36A772J1

They have a two year warranty (three years On components) and ActiveSmart technology, which monitors your use of the fridge and adapts the temperature in addition to humidity for the optimum environment. 

This new product is Intriguing, due to the price and integrated look.  It is an excellent looks at 1/3 the purchase price of most integrated refrigerators. 

One word of warning, installing the panels is not easy. 

2. Thermador

Thermador is part of BSH Did you know they're the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world? Founded in 1916 in California by William E. Cranston, also started as a manufacturer of electric things,  most notably portable and built-in heaters. 

Notable personalities such as Julia Child used Thermador ovens in her critically acclaimed PBS TV series, and Alice from The Brady Bunch cooked with Thermador appliances. 

3. Thermador T36IT800NP Integrated Refrigerator

Thermador is a fantastic brand.  Their refrigerators feature double compressors and double evaporators.  Their 36" French door refrigerator with pull out freezer is one of the hottest integrated products. 

You're probably thinking this is not reasonably priced. You'd be technically correct except you will find free dishwasher and hood promotions along with other purchases. 

4. KitchenAid KRFC302EPA 

KitchenAid has the least expensive fridge using a panel, but be careful. 

Through the Years I have had people coming in asking for this for 2 reasons.  The simplest to point out is the price of $2,999, which when compared to some 8-$10k built-in seems sweet. 

Models don't have zero clearance or tight hinging.  The doors need to have the ability to clear the cabinetry or will strike cabinets or never open all the way.  I have seen photographs online of it looking almost flush or recessed.   But I can guarantee you it's not the appropriate installation as you want a 1 inch clearance on either side. 

You'll also see the black color of the doors unlike the above integrated models.  The price is fantastic with this device, but it has to be in the right application. 

Matters to Consider

So now you've got three viable possibilities for refrigeration without spending a small fortune.  Counterdepth refrigerators do cut down the cubic footage, so be cautious when you've got a large family or want capacity. 

Installing panels is not easy.  We have built an entire installation department around placing panels on refrigerators.  Ensure your contractor is knowledgeable about the device and the program. 
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bosch 24" Recessed Handle Benchmark Series Dishwasher #SHE8PT55UC

A Good Housekeeping Seal holder, the Bosch 24" Brick Manage Benchmark collection Dishwasher #SHE8PT55UC is a great performing system.  It rivaled other best machines for cleaning a heavy duty load in our evaluations.  This was the only version we analyzed to wash our milk-crusted eyeglasses, and it did the best job of erasing lipstick stains out of the rims of the coffee cups.  Additionally, it is efficient and silent. 

It comprises both a conventional flatware basket which divides in two and an extremely easy-to-load third rack using fold-down tines and adjustable height, so it is fantastic for the household whose flatware spends longer at the dishwasher than at the drawer.

Characteristics: Third rack includes adjustable tines and is extendable to match bigger utensils and little measuring cups; inside LED lighting; detachable filter; cup shelves; dividing flatware basket; say wash cycle; sanitizing and rate ideal choices; multiple language screen.

How We Tested: We assessed 18 dishwashers, analyzing every system's auto/normal cleansing cycle and heavy duty cleaning cycle, potential for dishes/glasses and flatware, drying on auto/normal cycle and heavy duty cycle, and also the potency of rinsing, after that we seemed after spotting and filming. 

We also reviewed every machine's ease of usage, energy and water use, and just how loud or quiet the dishwasher has been while working.
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Samsung Top Control Chef Collection Dishwasher #DW80H9970US

Samsung has revolutionized how a dishwasher works with its Top Control Chef Collection Dishwasher With Water Wall Technology #DW80H9970US. 

Inside this dishwasher, the conventional rotating lower spray arm was replaced by an advanced reflector bar that goes from the trunk to the front of the dishwasher's interior throughout the cycle.   For top cleaning, there's still a conventional rotating spray arm on top.  Another advantage of this wash bar is that the strain of the spray could be corrected on either side (or both) the left or right side of this lower rack for greater cleaning where it is needed most.

In our evaluation, the Samsung performed quite great at drying, cleaning, and draining soiled dishes.  The cycles we analyzed all lasted a little more than three hours to get our very dirty heaps, along with the machine scored only slightly above average for energy efficiency.  This dishwasher is extremely quiet, simple to use and load, and includes a cool time and pre-assembled wash arrangement display that is visible once the dishwasher is still running and undetectable if it is not.

Another invention that we absolutely love is your very best flatware tray.  No need to thoroughly put pieces in miniature grooves like with different machines, if you don't would like to.  After loading, randomly set them in where, and once the cycle's completed, simply collect up the flatware onto the elastic, removable carrot pad and then take it all into a own drawer for storage.
Features: Self-clean and rinse aid refill indicators; lower and upper spray nozzles that may function individually; Zone Booster alternative that controls left and right side of base spray water; sanitary rinse; advancement screen and time display on front panel; stemware support; spacious third shoe rack with detachable elastic pad along with easy-to-load flatware basket; detachable filter; say 1-hour wash; height-adjustable upper rack; all of tines are mounted onto the lower rack

We assessed 18 dishwashers, analyzing every system's auto/normal cleansing cycle and heavy duty cleaning cycle, potential for dishes/glasses and flatware, drying on auto/normal cycle and heavy duty cycle, and also the potency of rinsing, after that we seemed after spotting and filming. We also reviewed every machine's ease of usage, energy and water use, and just how loud or quiet the dishwasher was while working.
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Drawer Microwave Oven

It seems the microwaves presence in the kitchen is about the decline in the past several decades.  Typically, a microwave takes up precious work space on the countertop or upper cupboard space (particularly in the event of built-ins).

Additionally, as collections become stronger, over-the-range microwave vents aren't potent enough to maintain, and hoods with greater CFMs are replacing them.

But when not having a microwave is out of the question, which is often the case with families, consumers are turning to microwave drawers.

Sharp still produces all of the drawers.  It's mentioned in this guide but worth repeating here.   You also have bundle rebates with drawers along with other goods, so the costs may vary.

Microwave Drawers

Microwave drawers are just what the name implies, a drawer that slides out and you put your dishware in and shut it.

The upside into drawers is your undercounter installation.  Yet they're not a burden to use, since you won't need to crouch for example loading a conventional microwave.

Also, you're lifting things up, not out, which makes it easier to avoid spills.  In addition, from a design standpoint, drawers offer you a cleaner look.  They lack the enormous bulky trimming kits of microwaves from the past.

And yes, you may lock the control panel to prevent kids from playing with it.

Sharp manufactures all the drawer microwaves - they are rebranded and restyled for each company. 

This being the case, none are "better" than the others.  Some versions do have the ability to install flush with the cabinets rather than sitting proud.

Additionally, some brands have 2-year guarantees versus 1-year.

Drawer versions also lack the choice for convection and do not have a turntable as the magnetron is located on the roof of the microwave rather than the side wall.

Sizing includes 24-inch or limited 30-inch alternatives.

Microwave Drawer Problems
However, we are not seeing issues at an alarming rate, according to our support statistics.

In fact, microwaves are one of the most trustworthy appliances sold today according to the 20,000 and service calls we completed annually.

But, microwave drawers are also more difficult to install.  Drawers are operated with push buttons to open and shut, so you can't open them manually.  Forcing them open can lead to broken tracks and problems.
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